About faculty of Biology

The faculty of Biology was initially established as a department of faculty of science at Kabul university in 1942.The idea of establishing the faculty of natural science shaped when from one side there was shortage of teachers due to the growing number of students in the secondary and high schools and from other side there was lack of professionals in various fields of natural sciences due to industrial development. Therefore, the faculty of Natural Science was established to meet the pressing needs as highlighted above as third faculty in the Kabul university and was called Faculty of Science which was later renamed to faculty of Natural Sciences.

The first group of students admitted to faculty of science were 21 students who started their education in fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Professionals of various fields of Natural Science who were working in the ministries or those who held senior positions in the government offices and institutions were encouraged/invited to teach in this faculty so that the faculty can commence its work.

At that time, students were studying in fields of (Chemistry and Biology) and (Mathematics and Physics) In 1348, the academic structure of the faculty changed and based on that, the curriculum was modified to be more specific and this change led to the establishment of independent departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

During the civil war in Kabul, all departments and laboratories of the faculty of science were completely destroyed; but fortunately due to efforts of the leadership of faculty of science and collaboration of head of University, Ministry of Higher Educations and financial support of World Bank, building of Biology department was rehabilitated and a number of laboratories were partially renovated and ready for experimental work of students, Nonetheless, these laboratories are not fully equipped with the required equipment supplies and materials. Efforts are underway by the Head of faculty to acquire the necessary equipment and supplies making the laboratories fully functional.

In 2014, based on proposal from faculty of Natural Science, approval of the division of academic affairs and leadership of council of ministry and endorsement of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan departments of Natural Science were promoted to the faculty level. Since 2016, it has been operating as an independent faculty. Currently, the faculty of Biology has two departments; Botany and Zoology. Another department in the name of Biotechnology is also going to establish soon. The duration of study to obtain a BSc in the faculty of Biology is four years (eight semesters) where in first two semesters most of the basic university subjects are taught, and in the following semesters, the main and specific subjects of the field are taught. The lecturers of the faculty hold Doctoral or Master’s degree and they are actively involved in teaching, research, curriculum development, and participation in different committees.

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