About the Faculty

The Chemistry Institute (now the FoC) was established within the framework of Public Utilities Management, which has now been promoted to the Ministry of Public Utilities, to analyze minerals and civil engineering during the reign of His Highness Mohammad Nader Shah. The equipment was modern at that time and a number of foreign and domestic specialists, including the Professor Hafez Anwar Ali Khan Ahrari, were engaged in providing services to the country and society.

With the establishment of the Faculty of Science in Kabul University in 1321, department of chemistry was merged with the Faculty of Science. The FoC was established in 2016 as an independent faculty within the framework of Kabul University in order to be a standard foundation for undergraduate education and to train professional cadres in the field of chemistry. The duration of undergraduate course is four years i.e., eight semesters. In the first year (1st two semesters), students are taught general courses while in the remaining six semesters, special courses are taught. The FoC is also considering graduate programs and is working hard to revitalize the Department of Industrial Chemistry.

FoC has a modern and standard building that was built based on the necessities of Chemistry located in the campus of Kabul University and was completed by the Afghan Construction Company in 1973. This building has classrooms and laboratories, a conference room, a computer room, and a hall. The faculty also has a specialized library, study room and internet facilities.

The teaching staff of FoC have doctoral, masters and bachelor's degrees who are actively involved in teaching, research, and curriculum development.

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