Brief Biography of Prof. Dr. Vedeer Safi, Head of Legal Education National Center:


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Prof. Dr. Vedeer Safi was born in Kabul on 26th of December 1948 and his education is as below:

  • Graduated from Ghazi High School in 1967.
  • Graduated from the field of  Literature and Human Resources,  Faculty of Journalism in 1970.  
  • He got his Master Degree in International Relations field from Charles Perak University (Chechoslovakia) in 1974.

  • He got his PhD in International Law and Political Science from Charles Perak University (Czechoslovakia) in 1976.




  • Egyptian Judicial Training Center in 2004.
  • A seminar named "Distance Education" supported by International Development Law Organization in 2003.
  • Got the 3rd certificate of high level English in speaking and writing in 2000.
  • Certificate in Record of Community Leadership in 1999. 


To be noted that he has written about 30 academic articles which are published as a book or an article in  academic magazines.


Work Experiences:

  • President of National Center for Legal Education since 2007.
  • 1991 - 1992 Minister of Aviation in Afghanistan (as a non-partisan technocrats)
  • 1986 - 1991 Professor and Head of Law and Political Science.
  • 1977- 1978 Member of the Office of Kabul University.
  • Professor in Law and Political Science Faculty at  Kabul University from 1977 up to now.

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