A Brief History

The Legal Education’s National Center is established based on an agreement signed between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (the ministers of justice, higher education, the attorney general, the Presidents of the Supreme Court and the National Security Council and  Italy and the United States of America ambassadors on 22nd  July 2005.

After this center’s building was completed at Kabul University by support of Italy government, it was equipped by support of the United States of America. This center is known as an official and independent legal entity in order to promote justice and free legal knowledge and professional experience to the employees and students of the Law and Sharia Law Faculty.

The Legal Education National Center’s Views:

Our vision as an Islamic society and judicial system consists of skilled cadre, committed and compassionate, which has legal and professional knowledge and skills to apply equality and justice in our country.

The Legal Education National Center’s Mission:

  • Promote legal knowledge, professional and academic employees.
  • Promotion of professional legal knowledge of the graduated students of the Law and Sharia Law faculties in academic level.