Master Enrolled Students

The faculties which accept students in the MA program are: The languages and Literature Faculty, the Economics Faculty, the Law and Political Science Faculty, the Education and Psychology Faculty, the Fine Arts Faculty, the Computer Science Faculty and the Shria / Islamic Law Faculty.
The current MA Students are (201) male and (73) female in the first year and (58) male and (16) female in the second year. In addition, the PhD students are (19) male and female, who are studying in the Dari and Pashto departments of the Languages and Literature Faculty.
In (1391) the number of graduated students are (55) male and (29) female and in (1392) the number of graduated students are (43) male and (58) female.
For the coming year, students would join the MA program through competition by having a minimum 75 % score from their period of study, with no 2nd chance, and fail in their scores. The acceptance procedure starts from highest to lowest scores.