Daily and Nightshift Students in (1393),



  1. The examination authorities of  Ministry of Higher Education has introduced near to (5136) students for the daily time of KU and later in the second round introduced near to  (102) students in 1393.


Then, in the nightshift time the examination authorities of Ministry of Higher Education  has introduced near (1870) students for (11) faculties of KU and in the second round based on decision of the governing council of MoHE near to (84) additional students have been introduced.  


  1. The faculties’ registration process in the MoHE (HMEIS) database system is based on online system. First the KU students department introduces one by one employee as a volunteer coworker for the registration process of faculties. When the technology problem as failure power and internet happened, they use from registration printed forms.


  1.  After registration the authorities of KU students department distributes the ID cards for students.  And through the faculties, students are introduced to the KU central library. Therefore, students could have access to the internet and available resources of this library.


  1. For the students who came from provinces, there are dormitory facilities for both male and female students. The process is related to the higher result of entrance exam and dormitory authorities’ allotment. Then, a number of students receive an amount of money to find a place to live.


  1. In 1392 from the KU faculties daily time near to (2662) and from the nightshift near to (633) students have graduated.


In 1393 from the KU faculties  daily time near to ( 613) have graduated but the fall semester is not ended yet to finalize the number of graduated students of this year.



Foreign students who are studying in Afghanistan,


In the KU only Turkish students are studying in the different fields of study. Namely, in 1392 near to (25) Turkish students are joined the Languages and Literature, Islamic law and Science faculties. However, in 1393, (5) of the Turkish students in the Journalism and Islamic Law faculties of KU. The procedure of accepting the Turkish students starts from an official letter from Ariana Afghan Turk School to the MoHE and then the MoHE introduces the Turkish students to the KU.