Central Library of Kabul University



Brief information:

The central library of Kabul University was established in 1311 along with the establishment of Kabul University. But at that time Kabul University didn’t have any central building and faculties were active in rental houses. By the time the area for the university’s buildings was determined, a Building for the Central Library was also specified and the present building with the area of 5286/4 square meters (length of 112 meters and width of 47 meters and 20 cm)  was built  and was one of the standard libraries thorough the country.

An administrative unit by the name of directorate of libraries was created for better activity and synchronization of libraries tasks. The mentioned unit has changed the library’s system to and international and modern system by categorizing and re-arrangement of the library with the help of foreign professionals

The Central Library has a two story building and has the following braches As: Technical and Vocational Assistance, Administrative Assistance, Reference Branch, Distributor, Afghanistan Studies, Newspapers and Magazines, Development and Information Center, Iran studies Room, Lincoln Center, Dutch Center, photocopiers, books delivery center.

Central Library of the university aims to prepare the ground for the purposes of scientific research studies professors, students and other users that it will play the role of a knowledge development.


The aim of central library in accordance to the aims of university is to provide the ground for research and studies of of professors, students and all the referrers thus playing and important role in the expansion and development of knowledge.

By now the central library of KU has approximately two hundred thousand books in total (97237 titles) Books, Collections, magazines and other printed materials. This library is better prepared to serve the professors, student, and researchers with limited electronic resources. From the above mentioned resource s about 50% of it is written in Pashto, Dari, Arabic and other languages.

The Central Library of Kabul University is Open from 7:30 am-7:00 pm in the first six months and from 8:00am-6:30pm in the Second six months on the year excluding Fridays and holidays.

The Library is built by the help of United States of America and its first manager was an American citizen named Miss White. It is good to mention that according to rules and regulation of the university the manager must be a scientific and cadre member of university and is also known as a member of Academic council of the university. Although a detailed list of names of managers from the beginning till now is not available, though, we can name some of them from 1352 till now as follow: