History and development of the faculty

This is on of the youngest faculty, which was established According to the time requirements of university expansion plan in 1359, this faculty in its years development had separated Department of History, Journalism, Philosophy, and Social Sciences from Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, And began to work with these departments. But soon other new departments were established in the faculty like Department of Human Biology and Archaeology in published in 1360 and Department of modern history of Afghanistan in 1361.

Various educational programs of faculty, including general and specific subjects of university like Afghanistan's modern history, sociology, science, economics and foreign languages.

According to Goals of Education, Ten percent of the all subjects were vocational educational subjects in Educational program of history and philosophy fields that were being thought by the faculty trained teachers.

The highest decision-making organ of the faculty like any other faculty was Scientific Council of Teachers.

Beside this, faculty has many functional committees like Science faculty promotions committee, Publications Committee, Order and discipline committee, Training Program Review Committee, Examinations Committee, Meetings holding committee and Students and academic committee.


           Faculty of Social Sciences is the first faculty in Kabul University, which established night shift programs in 1359 and additionally started Master’s program in 1366 and several times master graduate students are introduced to Afghan society, but unfortunately based on Civil War after 1371 those master’s program faced delay, but from the last two years continuously this faculty is striving to start the master’s program which almost the programs are completed and will be soon started.


           Night shift programs were normal with the exception of the Taliban regime, which were in pending situation. Faculty of Social Sciences has exclusive Library and many books have been purchased recently that many teacher’s and students problem have been solved.

           Training Museum for the Department of Human Biology and Archeology existed from past years, which was damaged, but from the last 10 years with the support of one of the German University and DAFA Center of France the museum has been repaired and now is being used by students.

           From many past years this faculty had good relationships and contacts with foreign Arabic and Western countries but between years 1357 till 1370  the relationships got weaker and weaker but had official relationships with old Russia and Confederate countries that faculty teachers and student would take advantage of their short and long term scholarships, from year 1371 the faculty has not been in official contact with any of the countries but the faculty management is in struggle to get an official contact with any of a country.

           Anyhow, from 1381 till 1390, there has been relationship of faculty and departments with international institutions, resulting with the use of fellowships by faculty teachers.

           Two teachers from the faculty of the Department of Human Pathology and archeology, philosophy and sociology, for the purpose of achieving Master’s and Doctoral degree, were sent to India that are involved in their education. Two young teachers from department of Human Biology and Archaeology and four students of that department were sent for continuing further education to France on 2011.

With all those great activities that took place at the Faculty of Social Sciences, there have been efforts to provide assistance in developing and advancing this faculty.