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Associate Professor Faridullah Farahmand s/o Gholam Sakhi was born in Frenjal village of Siahgerd –e- Ghorband district of Parwan province in 1982.  He completed Shaheed Fazle Khuda elementary school and did his high school in Qazi Saifullah-e- Shaheed High School in Parwan province.

After passing the entrance exam, and due to high interest and enthusiasm in social sciences field, he got admission to social sciences faculty of Kabul University. After the completion of four-year study and receiving B.A degree in excellent grade, he has been accepted as an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology of Social Sciences Faculty at Kabul University

For further education of Master degree, he received a scholarship from ICIMOD and went to India and successfully completed His M.A. Degree in Development Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Farahmand has membership of editorial board of Kabul University gazette, Cultural Committee of Kabul University, former member of the Committee of Foreign Study Documents Review at Ministry of Higher Education and some other academic committees.

He received many appreciation letters due to his academic and cultural activities.

Currently, he is the dean of Social Sciences Faculty of Kabul University and an active professor of anthropology and archaeology department of the above mentioned faculty. Associate Prof. Farahmand speaks in three different languages of Dari, Pashto and English.

Worked as Research Assistant in the following Projects:


  1. 1. Implementation of Mother & Child.
  2. 2.  Social Criteria for Unfailing Security in Afghanistan.
  3. 3. Unemployment & its Impacts on the Society, Kabul Afghanistan.

Writings and Papers for Academic Upgrading:   

1. Migration to a New Settlement: A Study in District 17, Kabul, Afghanistan. (English)

2. Review of Modern Political Anthropology.

                                                3. The Ancient Site of Bigram.

4. The Schools of Thought in Anthropology.

5. As Editor of Frontier Gandhi (Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan) book.

6. Culture and Change

7. Research Hypothesis

8. A look at the life of Eskimos

9. The process of Socialization

10. An Overview of Malinowski's Life and Thought

11. Similarities and Differences between Anthropology and Sociology

                                              12. Al-Biruni and Anthropology


As Project Administrator in the following projects:

Administrative Corruption and its Social Effects in Afghanistan (2015)

Causes of Violence Increment against Women in Afghanistan (2016)

Increment of Population in Kabul City and its Social Consequences (2017)

The Circumstance of Cultural Heritage Preservation in Afghanistan (2017)

The Causes of Youth Runaway from Afghanistan and its Social Consequences (2018).

 Attended in the following Workshops, Seminars & Projects:

15th Feb. – 24th Feb – 2013     Participated in a Planning Meeting at the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia.

29th Sep – 13th Oct – 2012      Participated in First Summer School of DAAD – Project in Sibhari, India.

5th – 9th Feb-2012                    Participated in the kick-off- workshop of the DAAD- Project 'Social Rights, Social Justice and Social Policies' at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

13th -14th Dec-2011                 Participated in a regional workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal on Managing Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (MLARR).

21th Nov-11th Dec-2011         Participated in Quantitative Research Methods workshop, in National Center for Policy Research (NCPR), Kabul University.

18th -19th Mar-2009                 participated in a two-day Scientific Seminar relevant the investigation of ancient sites of the south-eastern Afghanistan, Kabul.

31st March-12th May - 2012    Successfully participated in “Research Analysis and Report Writing" workshop, in National Center for Policy Research (NCPR), Kabul University.

20th May- 22th May – 2012    Participated in "Managing Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement" (MLARR) workshop, in AISA Hall, Kabul.

04th Nov – 15th Dec – 2013     Participated in an Intern Program at British Library, London, United Kingdom.

10th Feb – 25th Feb – 2014       Participated in a program of DAAD Project on “Social Justice, Social Rights and Social Policies” in Jagori training center at Himachal Pradesh, India and Central University of Himachal Pradesh.

19th Sep – 22th Sep- 2017       Participated on “Taihe Forum on Protection of the World’s Ancient Civilization” that was held in Beijing, China.

Also participated in many other academic seminars, in national and international level in Afghanistan and abroad.