Social Science Faculty Dean’s biography

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Ghulam Faroq son of Abdullah was born in Parwan provence in 1956, after successful completion of

Primay and secondry school from 1960 to 1972, started studying in Seya Gerd Ghorband high school

and was graduated one of the outstanding student.

Teacher Faroq spent his bachelor period when he got succeded in social science faculty at Kabul

University, Additionaly from 1973 to 1978 he was selected as a teacher in Habibia High School in


He spent his Mastery period in Dushanbah in Tajikistan and from 1985 until now he has been teaching

in the faculty of social science in Kabul University .

During his academic success, he achieved many valued positions, In 1989 he received the position of

Vice faculty, after 4 years of working in that position, He,Since 2003, continues to operate as director

of Faculty of Social Sciences and chairman of Member academic console of the university.

Ghulam Faroq, despite professor's role, has many activities in organizations and organs of scientific

research and consultancy.

In 2002, GTZ and USID offices selected him as a supervisor in Loya Jirga in Afghanistan.

From 2003 to 2005 he had the responsiblity of public awareness of Kabul for Presidential elections

and the National Council, In 2006 he was head of the World Bank field search project of energy and


Abdullah Ghulam Faroq, in addition to participating in scientific seminars and conferences at national

and international, He has been writing and publishing scientific works as mentioned bellow.

1 - Research on Afghan farmers conditions.

2 – Book On (Position of Seros Khan in Afghanistan )

3 – Book On the rise and fall of Hotak government.

4 - Topic on (The role of human in history evolution ) .

5 - The concept and importance of History in human society

Besides being teacher at Kabul University also performed the following jobs


15-06-2002 to 21-06-2002 : Supervisor at Emergency National Assembly from behalf of GTZ and USAID


2003 – 2005 : Head of Public awarence at the Kabul Presidential and National Assembly Election


2006 : Head of world bank water and energy reaserch project