Biography of Dr. Meer Akram Meerzad Dean of Psychology and Educational Science Faculty

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Dr. Meer Akram Meerzad son of Meer Haider was born in 1943 in an intellectual family in Charekar a city of Parwan. He was graduated from Numan High School in 1962 and was enrolled to Kabul University and he has successful graduated from faculty of Education at Kabul University in 1966. After one and half year work in Ministry of Education, he was dispatched for his doctoral degree to Russia and got his doctoral degree from faculty of Psychology in Moscow University. He was working as an instructor from 1974 to 1998 in Roshaan Academic Institution of Education and teacher training at Education University. In 1998 he was changed in Kabul Education Faculty and in 2002 up to the end of 2012 he was working as an instructor and Dean of Psychology and Educational Science Faculty at Kabul University which was named Education Faculty.

He has printed many books such as; general psychology, educational psychology, development psychology and youths’ psychology and more than 10 topics were submitted and published in Kabul University magazines.

He had many educational tours to the countries like: America, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. He always tried to serve his academic knowledge and experience for his people.

He was also a member of studying curriculum programming in Ministry of Higher Education and a member of evaluation of documents committee and broad studying in Ministry of Higher Education.