General Educational Purposes of Psychology and Educational Science Faculty


As it is clear and the name of Psychology and Educational Science Faculty presents cadres in psychology, pedagogy and educational administration to the society that is why the faculty attempts to equip these specialist in basics of psychology science, pedagogy and educational administration. In addition they do there huge responsibility in the society that they should have a vocational, social and doctrinal moral. Trainings of these major points can be done through studying curriculum and every department has its own purpose which is explained below.

Generally we can mention these educational purposes:

  1. Readiness of students for bachelor degree in pedagogy field, so as an educational specialists, teachers and educational programmers they can perform their responsibility.
  2. Readiness of vocational psychologists with knowledge, vocational skills, moral, human sentiment, thoughts of home lovers, so they can perform their advising, skillful and instructive duty in institutions of higher education ministry, education ministry, public health ministry and any other educational institutions.
  3. Readiness of educational administrators with special knowledge, vocational skills, human behavior in schools and other administrative positions as successful administrator for serving.
  4. Readiness of specialists as explained on the top so they can take their positions through open competitions in job markets.
  5. Trainings of psychotic advisors centralized on psyche remedial, helping and cooperating with those who have psychotic and behavior problems.  
  6. Informing of psychotic for people through training of vocational advisors.
  7. Readiness of vocational advisors who perform advising and theories in an efficient way for references from different groups.
  8. Trainings of professional, skillful advisors with the rules of advising which they are aware from most existed and efficient methods.
  9. Trainings of vocational advisors which they can be united for securing the capacity of human hood with the help and cooperating of others.