The faculty of law and political science is a governmental institution which was established by king’s order in the name of “Law and political Sciences Academy” in 1938. On the 27th of April of the same year, the faculty started its activity with admission of twenty-five students and five professors with elementary equipment in Habibia High School that was located in Pul e Bagh e Umomy. In 1941, due to the proposal of the Department of Academy and the endorsement of the Office of the Prime Minister, this academy was upgraded to the “Faculty of Law and Political Science”. In the meantime, the study period was upgraded from three years to four years. In order to organize and arrange the administrative and teaching affairs of the faculty, a teaching guideline was passed and adopted by Assembly of Teachers in 1938. This guideline was amended in 1944. Under the amendment, the study period was accepted as three years general studies and one-year professional studies. The faculty did not have permanent cadres at the time, and, therefore the lessons were taught by volunteer lecturers whose main task was outside the faculty. Therefore, For the first time in 1945, the assistant professor’s employment system was created. Finally, due to the suggestion of the dean of the faculty and the endorsement of competent authorities, the regulation on acceptance of academic cadre was created.

At the beginning, the students of this faculty were made up of individuals who were introduced by the governmental administrations. But in 1941, for the first time, several high school graduates from the central schools were accepted to this faculty. In 1944, in accordance with the teaching guidelines, the following exclusive fields were created:

  1. Administrative and Law Department
  2. Economics and Finance Department
  3. Political Field

Then in 1957, based on the decision of competent authorities, the three mentioned fields were replaced by the following two fields:

  1. Administrative Department (public services)
  2. The Department of Diplomacy

In 1955, the field of diplomacy was replaced by the judiciary field. The faculty of law still has these two Departments. At the beginning, this faculty had the academic cooperation of Turkish professors who were the Ministry of Foreign affair’s consultants. later in 1960, a protocol of cooperation was signed with the French Sourbon University that lasted till 1978. In addition, the faculty sighed the same protocols of cooperation with other reliable universities of the world such as the University of Washington; and Leon University of France.

It should be noted, however, that after 1945, the students of this faculty were required to write a monograph in the last year of their studies to be considered graduated. This trends still exists. In the meantime, the publication of the quarterly magazine of Law was started in 1946 which was changed to a monthly magazine in 1951. It still exists and continues to publish issues from time to time. The laboratory of criminal technique was also established for the first time with the cooperation of Germany. It, unfortunately, was reposed after a while.