A Brief History of Faculty of Language and Literature


  Realizing cultural and literary values in the country since early decades up till now, awareness about glorious culture and literature of the country and its transference to future decades and generations caused the idea of establishing a faculty in the years 1320 (1944). Based on this idea the Faculty of Literature as an important step towards introducing the history of literature and culture in the country was established in the year 1323 in the framework of Kabul University. At that time Kabul University was consisting of only three faculties of Medicine, Law and Sciences.  The aim of establishing this faculty was to train youth of our country in the fields of culture and history. Through education and research they could introduce our culture and history to the world at large. In addition, training of competent and qualified teachers in different academic and literary fields was another aim of this faculty. Training of writers and researchers was also considered an important aim of this faculty. To achieve this goal, priority was given to teaching of the subjects such as history of Pashto literature, history of Dari literature, Pashto grammar, Dari grammar, Pashto texts, Pashto literary arts, Dari literary arts, psychology and philosophy, Arabic and English languages. This curriculum was designed by an authoritative academic board including late Salahuddin Saljoqi, Dr. Najibullah, Hashim Shaeeq Afandi, Deputy Minister of Education - Sarwar Joya Etemadi and some other scholars from Kabul headed by the then Minster of Education. The teaching staff included Ostad Abdul Hai Habibi, (Dean of the faculty) Mohammad Karim Nazhi, Mohammad Azam Ayazi, Payanda Mohammad Zahir, Aminullah Zemarialai, Sarwar Goya, Abdul Raof Benawa, Abdul Haq Betab, Ghulam Jelani Jalali, Hashim Shaeeq Afandi, Amin Mirza Qafqazi and Shamshir Khan ( an Afghan educated in India) and they were assigned as lecturers. With such a curriculum and limited board of lecturers, the first class of this faculty consisting of ten students graduated from Habibia High School and Ahmad Shahee High School of Kandahar was started on 1 Mizan 1323. In 1324 this faculty was located in a building adjacent to the Embassy of Iran in the residence of Hussain Afandi ( Bagh-e-Alamganj),  now is the building of Ariana High School. Two years later it was transferred to Joy Shir.