Biography of Professor M.Wahid Gharwal Dean of Journalism Faculty


M.Wahid Gharwal Professor and Dean of Journalism Faculty at KU was born in Kabul. He completed his primary school at Syeed Jamaludeen School and his secondary school at Habibia High School. M.Wahid Gharwal in 1362 jioned journalism Faculty. At the end of 1365 he graduated and jioned Anis Newspaper Cadre. At the start to 1370  after passing Cadre exam he accepted as Academic Cadre of Journalism Faculty. He has academic researches that published at the academic magazine of Kabul University. He has three academic works, a research by the name of (importance of movie, basic movie composition, Asian Correspondence) this version didn't published yet. M.Wahid Gharwal has number of published works in different magazines and newspapers. He is working as speaker in Afghanistan National Radio and TV.