Islamic Law faulty Magazine

From the improvement of this faculty we can mention monthly magazine by the name of “shareyat”. The content of this magazine is provided by internal teachers and external teachers who are in contact with the faculty. This magazine was established in 1349 by Prof. Borhanoden Rabbani and its activities become stopped in 1352 because of political changes. This magazine has half and three years ublications. After Prof Borhaniden Rabbani , Prof. Habibullah Rahman and finally Prof. Nematullah Shahrani had the responsibility of the magazine. Fortunately, once again it is available for the readers. Now Prof. Asadullah  Jahede professor in Belief and Philosophy  department  has the management responsibility of the magazine. That had six numbers to 1,000 copies per issue circulation has been published. It should be mentioned that Islamic Law has not any financial support for the magazine and the entire budget is paid by the teachers. Writing board and teachers are working for the magazine without any fees.