Historical Review and Continuation of Activity


After 1325 when the government of time gathered the existing faculties under one framework by the name of Kabul University with necessary funds and facilities, in 1329 the government implied to the ministry of higher education to establish a faculty by the name of Islamic law with academic standards.

Doctor Mohamad Anas Khan the dean of Kabul University at that time put significant effort to make sure everything was ready for official opening of faculty.  Islamic law faculty was the fifth academic institution established after Medical Faculty (1311), Law (1317), Literature (1320) and Natural Science (1321).In the beginning of 1322, Islamic law faculty started to work as first Islamic higher education institution and fifth faculty of Kabul University while having 4 teachers and 20 students who had completed their school education in Islamic academy (Abo-Hanifa academy). The activities of the faculty were supervised by Mohammad Asghar Khan dean of Law and Public Policy Faculty of that time.

For a very short period of time the administration was running  by the dean of Law and Political Science.

In 1331 Professor Abdluhaq was hired as first dean of faculty. On that time the curriculum was made of law and Islamic subjects, and the students followed general and complete programs in mentioned fields, these subjects were taught by volunteer teachers who worked in governmental organizations.

This situation continued till the students who were studying aboard graduated, came to Afghanistan and started teaching beside the other teachers. In 1366 the government promoted this faculty to University of Islamic Research and Education. With successes of mujahidin in 1371 this university was dissolved by the ministry of higher education of the time and its students were divided and admitted to Dawat and Jahad universities  existing in Peshawar. In 1374 the time that Prof. Dr. Sayed Amir Shah Hussainyar was dean of Kabul University decided to bring Islamic Law University to Kabul University as a faculty. In 1374 Taliban wanted to make these universities as part of Faroqea Islamic academy, they were working on this plan when their government fell down, and faculty of Islamic Law continued its activities as a faculty In Kabul university.