Future Plan

Islamic Law faculty has plans for improving scientific, teaching, and administrative affairs.

  1. Development of departments from 5 departments to 8 departments, it means extending religious jurisprudence department  to Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence department and religious jurisprudence department and extending Islamic Teachings department to Narrations of Prophet (Pbuh) department and Manner and Eloquence department. And creating a new department by the name of Preaching of Islam department. So the departments of this faculty are as follows:

Religious Jurisprudence

Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

Belief and Philosophy

Narrations of Prophet (Pbuh)

Interpretation of Quran

Manner and Eloquence

Preaching of Islam

Islamic Culture

  1. Establish a new academic discipline called Islamic call to promote education and awareness of the cadre area. For example: The mosque orators, employee Mainstream media and the rest of the Islamic culture.
  2. MA course for female graduate students of Islamic Law faculty.
  3. Reviewing the curriculum according to conditions, academic change demand and need of society.
  4. PhD degree courses for graduates of the Master's program according to existing facilities and providing more opportunities in this area from the countries that have more facilities in this field.
  5. Providing construction of an apartment for faculty in accordance to needs of faculty, that the faculty has currently facing lack of class rooms.
  6. Extending and making the faulty equipped from technical point of view and making it rich with including more books.
  7.  Establishing a special library for girls to make the books accessible for female students.
  8. Printing books, works of professors, the master’s thesis, textbooks and other books and helping in materials required of students.
  9. Making required facilities for publishing Islamic Law magazine monthly and eliminate its budget problem, professional and administrative personnel budget problem.
  10. Systematic relationships with all the Islamic Law faculties of the Universities in order to exchange experiences and facilities.
  11. Create cooperation and cultural relations with similar institutions in other countries are Islamic.
  12. Program for strengthening of Arabic, English and using computer and internet.
  13. Making and implementing programs to improve professional teaching of students to help them in finding jobs.

Making efforts to provide job for students in governmental and private sectors.