For the first time in 1351 the studies become based on fields, and based on needs of each faculty they made departments. There is eight departments in Islamic Law Faculty that are listed as follows:

These eight departments were active up to 1357, after that based on need of that time the number of departments decreased to three departments. But the teacher of eight departments still remained, until the 1359 with departmental system the language and literature faculty become member of that faculty and professors of Law faculty continued their duty in Law faulty. In 1372 with establish of Islamic state a decision was made to make Islamic Culture as subject to all faculties of university. So Islamic Culture is a new department in Islamic Law faculty. Currently Islamic law faculty has following departments:

Based on Scientific Council recommendation Islamic Law faulty create tow new department  by the name of Preaching of Islam  and Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence and Manner and Eloquence that after passing legal procedure it will be in Islamic Law faulty.