Current situation


The faculty has four main braches, Feqha and law, Islamic studies, and a separate department for female students, there is another department of Islamic culture inclusive to all faculties of Kabul Univeristy with total number of 55 professors and more than 1200 hundred students.

It means at that time there was only one field of study. In the 1349-1350 academic school of boys become separate to academic disciplines, "Jurisprudence and the Law" and "Islamic Education”. The school graduate students were introduced to the faculty through entrance exams of higher education.  In 1345, according to the urgent need of religious teachings for benefit of girls the Islamic Law faculty decided to establish a branch of Islamic education for girls. The graduated girls from high school, after passing the entrance exam of university get admitted to the faculty with a special curriculum. Duration of undergraduate study in Islamic Law faculty is four year. After successful completion of four year degree and monograph as their thesis the students graduate from the faculty and are hired by judicial, legal, educational and training institutions Defense attorney offices, government agencies and other organs. Islamic faculty reviewed the curriculum and send to relevant authorities for procedural  purpose.

Night shift undergraduate section:  in 1387 for suggestion of Islamic Law faculty and need of people for the first time night shift undergraduate section with three classes. The graduated students who are introduced through university entrance exam will study for 5 years in the following sections:

  • Islamic education field for girls:  students of this field are school graduates and the curriculum is the same as daily undergraduate section.
  • Islamic education field for boys: the students of this field are religious school graduates and the curriculum is the same as daily undergraduate section.

Daily Master degree section:  students of this period are currently teachers of this faculty, 21 students are studying four semesters.