Biography of Dean of Faculty



Prof. Den Mohammad Geran son of Taqwa Dar was born in August of 1941 in Dawlatzai village of Gardez city of Paktia province.

He studied in Abo Hanifa Islamic academy and graduated in 1961. After successfully passing Conccour exam he entered to Islamic Law faculty of Kabul University in 1962.  During his study he was a talented student and graduated from Religious Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence department in 1965. Because the good grades and having good background he was hired as teacher in that department and started teaching Religious Jurisprudence subjects. For doing his masters he went to Al-Azhar University of Greece.

After doing his master he came back to his country and started teaching. In addition to teaching he was member of research department of Kabul University. When Afghanistan was occupied, like other educated people he also immigrated to Peshawar city of Pakistan. But he didn’t stop his educational activities there.

With the success of Afghanistan people’s Jehad and establishment of Islamic foundation professor Den Mohammad Geran returned to his country and started teaching in Islamic Law faculty and at the same time he was head of Islamic affairs in education ministry. For some time he was law consultant in ILF.

He was member of Aid board in Ministry of Justice, that later he became head of that board, still he is in this post. Prof. Den Mohammad Geran became dean of Islamic Law faculty in 1386. In addition to teaching of Religious Jurisprudence subject he is Responsible for scientific leadership, teaching, and administrative affairs of the faculty. He  has visited Mecca three time and has the title of Alhaj. He has written numerous books and scientific papers such as:  History of Arab, Islamic law, Theory of Law in Arabic, Principles of Law in Dari languages, Comparative Law in Arabic, Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law, women's Rights in Islam, System, Political Islam, and Murder in Criminal Law. Some of his writings have been published. He has had official, scientific, cultural and political travels to Egypt, South Africa, United States of America, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore, China, United Arabic Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Prof. Geran has higher levels of proficiency in Dari, Pashto Arabic and understands the English language. Prof. Din Mohammad Geran is married and has three sons and five daughters.