Library, laboratories and the hall of department of Theatre


Currently the faculty has a professionally equipped library, computer lab for graphic design, workshops for practical work and the conference hall. Conference Hall of Fine Arts faculty in 2010 has been officially named Professor Amanullah Haider that has the capacity of more than two hundred people at a time.

And from this room is also used as a gallery where more than two hundred and fifty art paintings, miniatures, graphics, and sculpture excavation exist and a large number of domestic and foreign visitors come to visit daily.

Course of study in the faculty is 4-year and graduate diplomas are given. For building capacity of students in practical works the faculty held workshops and seminars.

Sending our staff to foreign countries is good. The procedures is  that we honor our graduates depending on need and availability of posts, according to the Higher Education Act and the rules as we invite them as assistant professors  and then we provide  Masters and PhD courses for them.

Fine Arts faculty has 48 teachers, 4 of them are masters and the others are bachelor.  And from the teachers 3 people are busy in studying for their Master's program in countries like India, Kazakhstan, and China.

MAC Afghan Equality office has helped 8 computers to graphic department of art faculty in 2007, and held digital design course for teachers in the department that after completing the course the department added digital design as subject to their curriculum.

In 1389 kabul university chancellor bought 10 computers to graphic department which solved partially graphic students’ and teachers’ problems.

In 1391 ten computers were donated to the department, which were sufficient to some extent for the digital graphics classes, but it still is not enough for students.




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