Journal Management

The scholarly journal of fine arts that reflects the results of researches by professors and researchers continues its activities within the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Journal of the Fine Arts first published in 1383 under management of Professor Mohammad Alem Farhad and was published regularly since then.

In fact journal of the Fine Arts is a Quarterly, that every three months to reach a number of publishing, but because of budget deficit we could not achieve this goal. Again we are grateful to the department of publication of ministry of higher education which contributed in publishing of a number of issues in our Journals.

Friends and lovers who want that their scholarly, research, arts and culture issues to be published in the magazine, contact with the following email address.

Fine Arts faculty has seven departments as follows:

1. Department of Sculpture

2. Department of Graphics

3. Department of Painting

4. Department of Music

5. Department of Theatre

6. Department of Cinema

7. Department of screenwriting


New students get entrance by passing the Kankor examination to the faculty and a number of the others are directly introduced through art institutions, after a specific test, they have been specifically included in some departments of Fine Arts faculty. New students are introduced to the first class faculty of Kabul University.

Students in the fine arts faculty are classified in the first class and start learning fundamental and subsidiary subjects. There are 8 semesters in total during the four years of undergraduate studies.

The faculty has more practical content, therefore has less capacity for students than the other faculties in the Kabul University. The faculty is about more than 900 students.

Master degree programs in Visual Arts has established within the faculty.