History and importance of Fine arts faculty


Faculty of Fine Arts

Although Fine arts in Afghanistan faced many problems due to internal wars during the past regimes and different situations, but fortunately in recent decades the art have find its place.

Art is a phenomenon by which we can convey essential messages to the community. Particularly artists can convey their messages through the creation of visual media and exhibitions to the people, that way we can raise the awareness level of the people and create changes in their daily lives to go forward.

In the year 1345, one of the distinguished sculpture professors of the nation Mr.Amanullah Haiderzad who had brought the masters degree from Italy had established the courses in sculpture and object defects in the frame of Literature and Human Sciences. The described sections’ training were carried by that professor. The practical workshop of the courses was located in the circular Hall of the Fine Arts faculty which was named yellow building.

Talented and interested in art students from different faculties of Kabul University visited to learn about their desired fields of studies after graduation.

In 1347 beside sculpture courses and painting fields, music, speechify, acting, calligraphy and photography courses was also added in which the eastern music part was carried by Ustaad Mohammad Hussain Sarahang and the western part was carried by German professors. In acting Ustaad Latifi was involved and in photography Abdul Hamid Fayaz professor at journalism had cooperated.

In 1354, according to Amanullah Haiderzad’s proposal who was one of the members of academic cadre in the faculty of literature, and distinguished Professor Mir Shah’s agreement, head of the faculty of human sciences and literature, respected Henayatullah Shahrani who was professor at education faculty, this was changed to the Department of Fine Arts faculty of human sciences and literature and perched along with Ustaad Haiderzad who were considered the first official professors of Fine Arts Department.

Finally, in terms of trying of the professors in the same year, the department of Fine Arts was officially accepted as a department within the former faculty of human sciences literature and Professor Amanulaah Haiderzad was chosen as a first head of the department.

Honorable professors Mr.Haiderzad and Mr.Dr.Shahrani endeavored to hire Hamid Nawid who recently returned from the USA with a Master's degree, Mr.Mohammad Hamayon Etemadi Known miniaturists of the country and Mr. Mohammad Tamim Etemadi who studied in Italy as teacher to the faculty.

Ustaad Hamayon Etemadi was chosen as an informal Teacher and the other were selected as the official teachers of the faculty.

Fine arts faculty one of the faculties of Kabul University, was established in 1345. The faculty is currently one of the most important centers and great artistic academic institution in Afghanistan. Faculty of Fine Arts has the responsibility to train qualified artists to participate in promotion and development of the country.