Current situation and Achievements


Faculty of fine arts of Kabul University has been a standard faculty since its establishment. Despite the losses suffered during the war, after reconstruction has maintained its academic values. The faculty in the reconstruction process has a new building that has been built by the help of Pakistan.

Music department of the faculty was built with standard sound proof system by Goetta Institute.

Theatre Forum was reconstructed in a standard way in collaboration with the University of Bergen in Norway and Goetta institute. Workshops and laboratories of the faculty were equipped and the Conference hall of the faculty is in a global norm.

Dedicated library with thousands of books is available. Currently the faculty has seven departments such as Department of Painting, sculpture, graphic arts, theater, Cinema, screenwriting, and music.

Master's degree planning in Visual Arts has established by support and cooperation of distinguished Professor Obaidullah Obaid Minister of Higher Education, deputy Minister of Education Mohammad Usman Babori, professor Habibullah Habib, president of Kabul University and Sayed Bahador Mir Public chief of academic integrity and will be launched in spring 1392, that will be one of the great achievements in the current situation.

Faculty study curriculum was revised and decorated perfectly with the usual norms typically, and the processes were approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

First help was by Dr. John Bailey citizen of England who is a skilled Rubab player that purchased and donated a number of the Eastern musical instruments to the Faculty of Fine Arts.

It is to be noted that 6 National Theatre Festival has been held so far by the Initiative of Goetta Institute and Fine arts faculty with the help and cooperation of Cultural centers in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.


Main challenges

Despite the progress that has been mentioned above, the lack of scientific cadres means the teachers must be said that after returning our teachers the existing problem has been decreased.

In relation to study supplies should be noted that these tools are not yet sufficient, and there are not enough classrooms for students of Fine Arts faculty.

There is limited room for faculty offices to no means sufficient that requires the attention of Ministry of Higher Education to solve problems.

Currently, the library of faculty has 4000 book in national and international languages, ​​and most of the books are related to different fields of art.