A Brief Introductionto Economics Faculty


Kabul University Economics Faculty was established in 1957 as an economic institution. In 1958, this institution named as Economics Faculty. This faculty had a joint educational program with the faculty of Law in 1961.The 1st and 2ndyear program was separate and independent from the implementation of the faculty of Law.

In 1962, Economics Faculty has signed an agreement with Cologne University of Germany. In 1966 Economics faculties of Bochum and Bun of Germany joined this agreement. This faculty has graduated students in national economics during its four year program. Since its establishment and during 55 years  this faculty has the main role in academic training and professional cadre in different fields of study. As an example, up to 2012. This faculty has near to 3536 graduated students.

Economics Faculty’ building was established many years ago for a certain number of students. Therefore, this facility is not able to accept more students that the MoHE introduce every year. Economics Faculty was established in 1957 and has 8 classrooms, 1 library, two shifts students (day and night), 5 active departments, 3 future planned departments.

The day and night shifts’ departments are:


  1. Finance Department
  2. Enterprise Management Department
  3. Econometric and Statistic Department
  4. National Economies, Department.
  5. Management Information Systems Department
  6. Counting Department (Future Plan)
  7. Money and Banking Department (Future Plan)
  8. Economic Development Department (Future Plan)



  1. Finance Department
  2. Enterprise Management Department
  3. National Economics Department