The Current Statuation ofEconomics Faculty:

Since 2012 this faculty has 5 committeeseach with different services and activities.

  1. The Curriculum Committee:
    Organizing the educationalprogramsand otheractivitiesthatregulate thecredit system. This facultyhas applied the credit system since 2013.
  2. The Students’DisciplineCommittee:

This committee is consisted of the students and the students who do not follow the regulation and are not punctual, are introduced to this committee.

  1. The Qualityand Self-EvaluationCommittee:
    This committee evaluates and monitors the professors’ teaching method, subjects, curriculum and other activities which are not based on MoHE educational regulation.
  2. The ExaminationCommittee:

This committee adjusts and organizes the exam result sheets, checking the day-shift and night-shift daily results.

  1. Scholarship Committee:

This committee introduces the qualified professors and students for scholarship programs inside or outside of the country.


  1. Since 2012 this faculty has a computer lab with two rooms, which has 52 PCs and a projector in order to help students to use.
  2. Organizing the Finance and Banking MA program which has started its classes in March 2013 with having 25 candidates.
  3.  Repairing the pathways and faculty building by support of faculty professors and students.
  4. Reconstructionof the facultylibrary.
  5. Organizing conferences and seminars for students.
  6. The introduction ofthirdclassstudentsto relatedministriestolearnpractical works.
  7. Preparing  and organizing theschedules forcourses and the timetablesfor the first, second and third exams and organizing the petitions for each semesters.