Kabul University Economics Faculty is a public educational institution which currently graduates bachelor students from both day-shift and night-shift programs and its main goals are as below:

  • Providing economic and transferring knowledge and skills and values ​​that enable students to actively build up a profile of their professional practice in their field and be successful.
  • Educational services in the field of economics and economic needs of society and the labor market at national and international levels.
  • Strengthening and improving the faculty and students to be able to perform basic and advanced scientific researches to improve their knowledge and solve country economic problems.
  • Participation of faculty’s professors which makes staff and students increase and promotethe rich welfare of civil society, business enterprises and public institutions at national and local levels. It works by providing regular research services and counseling of the professors with their students.

ph and present at least one seminar on a specific topic during the seventh or eighth semesters to get their bachelor degree. Students’ presentation would be in front of some professors and students.