The Department of Civil Engineering (CE) was established in 1963 as one of the two departments, i.e. Civil Engineering and Electromechanical Engineering, of the Faculty of Engineering (FE) at Kabul University (KU).

CE had followed a 4-year credit system at the beginning but the system was changed to 5-year semester-based program in 1970. The five-year program included nine academic semesters and one semester for Practical Training. The first five semesters were common to all other engineering departments, while the remaining ones were specified to each department. The CE continued offering this system until end of 2008.

Currently, CE offers 4-year credit system for undergraduate program. The CE graduates obtain Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) degree.

There are four laboratories under the CE department: the Concrete Lab, the Geotechnical Lab, the Asphalt Lab, and the Surveying Lab. The laboratories have been equipped with the financial aids of JICA, the World Bank, and other international donors.