Brief history of the Engineering faculty of Kabul University


The Engineering faculty of Kabul University was founded in 1956 and had 23 students on that time. The faculty was active under the science faculty administration. The faculty was then separated from the faculty of science and joined the faculty of agriculture in 1958. The lecturers of the faculty had designed the curriculum for the electricity, mechanics and civil engineering with the help of the waming team specialists. The faculty was independent from the agriculture faculty in 1963. The first graduates of this faculty were four students who graduated in 1959. In 1966 some female students joined this faculty as well. The annual lectures of this faculty have two semesters. Till 2008 the bachelor studies period for this faculty was 5 years, but this period was downed to 4 years with the help of the Kansas university specialist’s team. In the new system the lectures are in English.


The faculty has the following four departments:


  1. Civil engineering department
  2. Electricity and electronics department
  3. Mechanics department
  4. Engineering department


The faculty has one library and four laboratories in related fields, one earthquake alarm system center close to Qargha dam and one IT center.


The faculty has laboratories in the following sections:


1.      Electrical engineering laboratory

2.      Liquid engineering laboratory

3.      Physics laboratory

4.      Materials resistance laboratory

5.      Engineering studio for map drawing


The graduates of this faculty can work in ministries of city’s development, urban development, electricity and water supply, communication, airports and municipalities.