General information about Psychology and Educational Science Faculty’s Master Program


In 2009, there had been held a meeting in Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty with the general faculty professors. They discussed about the establishment of MA program in the administration of education and the registered decision   number identified as 24. The scientific council of the faculty also acknowledged the decision and selected the board members to start working on MA program and then it was proposed to the chancellor of Kabul University to approve it. Hence in 2012, Kabul University chancellor subjected the above decision to the academic council of Kabul University.

The offered proposal number identified 463 dated 1391/12/27 and it was submitted to ministry of higher education.  The ministry of higher education on the date of 1391/12/29 with the registered number of (5532) approved that: it is acceptable and should be followed legally.

Now all the issues of the MA program have been completed and will be started in near future. The policy documents and all lesson curriculums are completed and the related authorities also have accepted it.

Master Program Board Members:

Pohanwal Dr. Mir Akram chief minister of the board

Pohanwal Dr. Aminullah Amin

Pohanwal Dr. Ghulam Dastgeer Hazrati

Pohanmal Khalil U Rahman

Coordinator of MA program, Pohanmal Abdul Haq


The MA program establishment is an educational administration, professional training domination and expert services of administration and management and leadership in order to improve and reform the educational level in higher education in the right situation of Afghanistan.

This program has been established generally because of the growth of professional skills development and all field of educational systems, specially in leadership and  management training, educational technology, educational curriculum development, planning and policy training, supervision training , as well as, the other objective of the establishment of this program is the raising of educational degree and a number of unique and dominated  teachers / professors of the university; because most of the teachers who are teaching in the university are bachelors. 

The aim of the creation of program administration worked in educational charity present Afghan training purse dominated professional and service experts of administration and management and leadership in order to improve and reform the educational level in higher education and education. The program in general and growth for professional skills development and undergone all involved the field of educational system especially in the leadership and management training, educational technology, education curriculum development and education, planning educational policy, building, and supervision recognizes educational and etc.. And also another objective of this program raising educational degree dominated a number of special advisers to masters.


 The program has completed the educational leaders and managers of their qualification and has expertise in the field of higher education administration and educational leadership to organizations dedicated to society-not only in their reform and the improvement of the educational system and the management Afghanistan important and vital is called, but are involved in all levels of society is considered imminent. Educators graduated from this field will be able to work as distributors’ social services, infiltration by management.


The mission of the office of educational or training management under Psychology and Educational Science Faculty is established, the phrase by the elevation of knowledge skills and increase scientific and professional Afghans in the area of educational management, leadership, management and for the organization of the educational institutions and education and training including the government and private sectors in the society. This managers program, leaders and policy makers with future resilience and children participation in programming currents, planning policy analysis the situation assessment and issues, decisions and providing fruitful communication education. Major uprooting and constitution of these valuable education and training program professional managers and organizations committed to the requirements for educational institutions and offices and state and private and familiar to every what most of them with the use of scientific methods in management area, to be able management and leadership in different levels in educational founder.