Islamic Law Faculty Master Program

From the early period of establishment of the faculty, having a master class was a desire for the students of this faculty and as a need of society to eliminate our need for foreign countries to provide us with master level education, the faculty tried for establish master program. In 1343 when president of the faculty was Professor Sattar Sirat, Science Faculty Council ratified master degree in judicial field. And its procedures were carried and 10 of the graduated students were included in the course. But because of lack of teachers and financial problems the program stopped and the students were introduced to Egypt Al-Azhar University to complete their studies. Once again in 04/31/1347 the teachers’ assembly created a committee to operate on revival of MA program. The committee was active for sometime but again unfortunately stopped working because of some problems that occurred.  Master Program was created in 1364 in the fields of jurisprudence and law.  This consisted of 14 students. The subjects were taught by the Islamic Law and Law faculties. In 1367, 6 students graduated after completion and defense of their thesis.  In 1387 the president of the faculty recommended the MA program, it was reopened in April in 1389 by Sarwar Danesh and start working.after completion of its legal procedure.   Currently the students are admitted to this program after passing the exam and legal steps as described in follow lines:

First Round: Their courses began in early 1389 and ended later in 1390. According to the schedule and program, the defense of their thesis started from beginning January 1391 and continued until the end of the month.

Second Round:  This course started in early 1390 that included 33 students and finished in late 1391, after that they were obliged to prepare their thesis.

Third Round: 18 students are studying in this round, their lessons started in early 1391 and after passing first and second semester they are studying the third semester.

Fourth Round:  According to the students demand and Kabul University program this course is assigned to the female students. And preliminary work on the preparation of that is in progress, If God wills it will start officially after registration and entrance exam.