About Postgraduate Studies Program

  Kabul University from its foundation in solar year 1311 up to now, being the major university in Afghanistan, is maintaining its national responsibility in training of academic cadres and in spite of the existence of destructive war that damaged the fundamental infrastructure of this organ, it always managed to continue its historic responsibility in a successful manner.

   Masters programs were suspended for sometime in Kabul University and the program was restarted in solar year 1385 (in the fields of Dari and Pashtu Languages). The 7th round of students is going to graduate from these masters courses.

  Also, in solar year 1389 Masters Programs were started at the faculty of Islamic law in the field of Shariah and Law. Additionally, the Faculty of Science Department of Physics announced masters and two rounds have been graduated from this program until now.

  Now more than 180 people follow the above mentioned programs and until now the number of graduates is 231 in total from Pashto, Dari, Shariah, and Science.

  Also, by the assistance of USAID in the framework of higher education’s project, masters program is started in the Faculty of Policy and Management from the solar year 1391.

  Masters programs are due to start in the faculties of Pharmacy, Economy, Engineering, and other Faculties by the solar year 1392. All of these programs’ related works are under process.

  New news according to the postgraduate studies is that doctorate programs in Pashto and Dari majors in faculty of literature will be started after some time.

  The beginning and registration process of master degree programs are announced through Kabul University website or Ministry of Higher Education’s (MoHE) website and more information is also provided through the postgraduate education office within Kabul University.


Postgraduate Educations Office

Building of Literature Faculty

Kabul University Academic Research Center

Room NO: 1

Contact NO: 0202510589