The Launch of the Wushu Sport at Kabul University

Kabul Univerity head ″ Hamayoun Azizi″

The Launch of the Wushu Sport at Kabul University:


This sport became common by Syed Rahman, head of the Federation of Wushu (Chinese Kvnkfv) and founder of the Wushu sport in Afghanistan since 10 years. This field has 80 athletes in two times during morning from different faculties. This sport is founded in 2010 within the framework of the National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan, that every year KU participants take part in the competitions.

International Wushu Federation:

The International Wushu Federation (IWUF) is an international organization. This sport was established in the 3rd October of 1990 in Beijing of China, during the eleventh of the summer competitions of the Asian Championship.

Based on the 28th congress of the General Association of International Sports Federations on October 22, 1994, which was held in Monaco, IWUF accepted as an official member of (GAISF). The IWUF statement was held being the  l0... 9th IOC meeting, and accepted on June 20, 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. Now IWUF has 119 members from different countries and continents. Under IWUF Executive Committee, the Technical Committee, the Traditional Wushu Committee, the Medical Committee and the Marketing and Development Committee are active. There  are many competitions organized by the International Wushu Federation in different styles every year and within two years.

The History of Wushu Sport:

Over 45000 years ago, when countries like Iran and China had the huge power in their lands, there was a powerful empire ruled in China that had the symbol of slaughtering in the world.  
There are many books such as the great wall of China, that numerous people were buried in it. All of them are the examples of the savage rulers of that time. They created dissension among the various tribes, which was the only reason for the continuation of their power in China. This country because of the great geographical location has placed different tribes with different dialects. Therefore, the racial and religion differences have arisen in this country.

The Differences of the Wushu with other sports:

Wushu is known as a combat sport and is the main sport among other sports. In fact the Wushu or Boxing is an art that contains more than 15 sports. The person who does Wushu should have strong hands like a boxer or Judo wrestler and be familiar with Judo techniques, the movement of the feet and its skill is important in this sport. Therefore, having a qualified physician is important in this sport.