Information Technology Center of Kabul University (ITCK)

Information Technology is the networking center for Kabul University, which offers IT services, resources and is in charge to supervise the systems. ITCK is the competence center for all the IT related issues at Kabul University. The employees and network administrators stand as central contact persons who train university members and provide technical support to each faculty and university offices in the field of IT. These services are established with coordination of Dr.Nazir Peroz and supported by Germany.

Dr. Peroz has started his working in perception of establishing a “secure and stable IT supply for Afghanistan” in 2002. His first visible and sustainable project was the establishment of IT Center at Kabul University which has been inaugurated in 2003. ITCK staff are trained or got their master degree from TU Berlin and these masters besides working as lecturers in Faculty of Computer Science; they work as senior network administrators’ consultant and as director of ITCK.