Biography of Head of health Polyclinic

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Ahmadullah son of Padshah Gul was born in 1338 in the village of OriaKhel of Paghman District, Kabul Province. He has completed his primary education in Ghulam Mohammad Ghobar School, secondary education in Habibia High School, and high education in Ghazi High School of Kabul province.  Due to his high interest in medical profession, he joined Medical Faculty of Kabul University in 1360. In 1366, he got his Masters in the same field and completed the compulsory military service. Then, because of the civil war, he migrated to Pakistan where he continued working in medical field for several years. After the fall of the Taliban government and with the establishment of the transitional government, he returned to Afghanistan and started his work as a doctor in administrative polyclinic and medical affairs. After a few years, he was appointed as the head of polyclinic and medical affairs and is still working.