Introduction of Kabul University NOC (Network Operations Center)

It has been since 2006 till now, that all KU is connected to Internet through FO (Fiber Optic) network campus and using the services for Research and Educational purposes, like Video conferencing, using the educational archives of other countries around the world.

The Internet connection is being provided by the NATO SPS (Science for Peace and Security) Program since 2004.

At the beginning there were problems with management of Internet at KU, but with the establishment of NOC (Network Operations Center) team at KU, all these problems have been solved and the status of network at KU has been stabilized.

Since 2009 the network has expanded to KABUL-MAN, which connects other universities at Kabul, and some governmental organizations and Institutes.

Role of NOC at Kabul University




  • Providing Internet connection to all faculties and organizations at Kabul University.
  • Planning, Designing and implementing of policies and configuration in core and distribution layers of KU network campus.
  • Troubleshoot of network Devices in Core and Distribution Layers of Kabul University.
  • Bandwidth control of Faculties and Organizations in Kabul University.
  • Applying security parameters by:


  • Installation of Open Source Firewall (Endian OS at the moment) for each KU faculties’ network.
  •  Security parameters on cisco core switches of each node at KU campus.
  • Policies on Wireless access points of Faculties and organizations at KU.


  • Monitoring of network devices availability in Core and Distribution Layers of KU Campus.
  • Monitoring of Bandwidth usage at KU.
  • VTC (Video Conferencing) implementation


Role of NOC at Kabul-MAN


  • Providing and Controlling of Internet Connection to Universities and governmental organization in Kabul City.
  • Bandwidth control of Universities and Organizations in Kabul City.
  • Monitoring of network devices availability.
  • Monitoring the Bandwidth usage of KABUL-MAN.
  • Troubleshooting and reporting the Internet problems.