Activities of Policy Research National Center of Kabul University


National Centre for Policy Research was established in 2003 in the campus of Kabul University by Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Germany, in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Kabul University. This centre has four departments; department of Law and Political Sciences, Economics, Social Science, and Peace and Conflict Studies.

This centre provides research services in regard to the related fields and conducts capacity building programs especially Research Methodology in Social Sciences. In addition NCPR holds Seminars, Symposiums, Roundtables, and National Conferences for exchanging the ideas with the experts using its worldwide experiences and professional’s point of view. The centre also conducts surveys/public poll in reference to the important interior issues of the country.

The Head/ director of this centre is one of the Professors of Kabul University and the activities of three departments also administrated by the Professors of Kabul University in the related fields. The Peace and Conflict Studies department is supervised by a foreign consultant who is an expert of peace and conflict studies. To conduct research projects and other educational programs, the centre allies close cooperation with other organizations and third parties with Afghan or Foreign researchers. The centre provides vital suggestions to the international and governmental authorities to solve Political, Economical and Social problems by different activities and precise and academic assessment and evaluation of the current situation of the country.

Training researchers is one of the key aims of the centre to conduct academic researches in the universities of Afghanistan. The course of Research Methodology in Social Sciences holds by expert and experienced trainers in cooperation with the departments of the centre annually in the universities of Afghanistan.  The beneficiaries of this program since 2008 accessed one thousand lecturers and top students of Afghanistan universities. Furthermore, the forth year students of social sciences fatuities of Kabul and some other universities of Afghanistan pursue the annual Monograph Writing and Seminar Presentation Courses conduct by the center.

To select the research topics, this center conducts consultancy workshops/roundtables with the scholars, experts, policy makers, specialists of the related fields and those who are involved in research affaires every year to vote for the most prior topic. The departments of the centre carry out at least one project per year. These researches are done by the lecturers and the students who have taken the research methodology courses at this centre and are familiar with all the aspects of research under direct supervision of the related head of department. The report of these researches are distributed to the related organizations and interested people after publication. Till now more than fifty reports have been published and distributed. In addition, the publication cost of the Kabul and Herat Universities Magazines are covered by this centre.