Vice Presidency of Student

        The vice chancellor of students’ affairs at Kabul University has been selected among university professors based on regulations of Kabul University. The vice chancellor of students’ affairs supervises and controls students’ related issues in university.


Job Descriptions:

  1. Preparing and arranging monthly, quarterly and annual working plans to achieve strategic goals of the University.
  2. Leadership and management of the employees to achieve and develop pre planned action.
  3. Developing policies for students’ related affairs based on standard criteria.
  4. Supervision of the students’ related affairs such as distribution of diplomas, Transcripts, results of examinations and distribution of identification cards for students.
  5.  Monitoring and control of documents related to the enrollment and graduation of students.
  6. Supervision and control on implementation of students’ discipline.
  7. Monitoring students’ affairs such as their enrollment in the faculties, dormitory and their financial issues.
  8.  Monitoring students’ affairs such as their transfer from one faculty to another.
  9. Control and supervision to provide classrooms for students of different faculties.
  10. Control and supervision on implementation of the schedules, courses and exams in the faculties.
  11. Control and supervision of students’ social and sports activities.
  12. Guidance and assistance of eligible students to the educational programs outside the country.
  13. Guidance and assistance with the social council of the university for better social activities of the students.
  14. Management and organization of the graduated students’ list in order to introduce them to the local and private institutes.
  15. Management of the students’ academic conferences and seminars in the faculties and state examination of the graduated students.