Biography of Mr. Massoud Perozi Vice Chancellor of Kabul University in Finance & Administrative Affairs

Massoud Perozi son of the late Colonel Abdul Shakoor Perozi was born in Kabul in 1992 in a well-educated and enlightened family. He has completed his Primary and Secondary school from Ghullam Haidar Khan High School in Kabul, and then admitted to Faculty of Economics of Kabul University in 2010 and graduated in 2014 receiving his BA Economics and MA in Finance and Banking in 2016 from the same university. Beside his formal skills, he is competent in a number of sports including Tikvando and has achieved some success in the field. The achievements and services of Mr. Massoud Perozi, who was raised in a cultural and Muslim family, were consistent with the government's working-class community and he was able to make good use of the available opportunities to develop his capacity and to make use of it in development. He was appointed as the Head Financial Officer of the Gender Department of the Ministry of Defense in 2017 through the Open Competition Process. He has also served as Acting Financial Officer of the Office of the National Defense Ministry, providing services and achievements of Massoud Perozi in his short and effective life, including his key role in formulating and drafting a policy dated 19/2/1396 which is the policy to pay incentives for female military personnel at national level and which is now applicable. Mr. Perozi’s honesty, pragmatism, and thoughtfulness made all of his staff and colleagues remember him for good, never giving up on trying until he was first able to implement an electronic payroll system (Afghan personal & payment system-APPS) for MoD personnel at the MoD level. Mr. Perozi, in his office, has never been busy with his related job only but has always tried to build a sense of co-operation between colleagues and other employees. He has been formally praised by the Ministry of National Defense several times.

Moreover, among his many achievements, we can name some of his achievements namely he has served as the chief advisor of Administrative and Financial affairs, as the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, and as the Head of BBA Department in Private Higher Education Institutions.

He became a member of the Academic Family of Kabul University in September of 2019 through his participation in the Open Competition process and was formally appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Finance& administrative affairs at the Kabul University in accordance with Decree No. 1360 of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. As a senior member of the Kabul University Board of Directors, he is now working to implement strategic, social and economic development plans in this educational and staffing sector to nurture day and night community dynamics that can be recalled in details in Mr. Perozi’s these four months achievements here:

  • Drafting of the Regulations on the Usage of Normal and Developmental Budgeting and Procurement Affairs in Five Chapters and Six Articles.
  • Arrangement of Kabul University's normal and developmental budget with priority given to the needs of the sub-agencies.
  • Implementation and completion of the Kabul University Maintenance and Care Project worth AFN 11 million.
  • Implementation of the Dormitory fingerprint project worth AFN 1.3 million.
  • Stationary was contracted out and deployed in all sub-units valued AFN 9 million.
  • The Dean’s Office of the faculties were equipped with furniture.
  • Provision of armored gates for the north and south entrance gates of Kabul University which are under construction.
  • Male and Female dormitories are equipped with security cameras.
  • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Radio Azadi for the installation of three telecommunication routers to provide free Wi-Fi and Internet facilities to students including male and female dormitories and central library.
  • Providing 8 base armor towers for the purpose of providing the best possible security for the security officials of Kabul University security brigade.
  • Activation of two water pumps for lawn irrigation and greenery of Kabul University.
  • Construction of glass windows for the doors of all university offices, lecturers’ offices, and classrooms as per the decision of the Leadership Board of Kabul University.
  • Equipping 22 quality assurance committees at Kabul University level.
  • Construction and supply of Quality Assurance center with its equipment.
  • Equipping a legal counseling center.
  • Equipping the Kabul University Academic Senate Hall.
  • Equipping Auditorium of Kabul University.