Biography of KU's Vice Chancellor, Administraive Affairs Associate Professor Mohammad Hadi Hedayati



Associate Professor Mohammad Hadi Hedayati was born in year 1978 in an educated family in Kabul city. He completed his education in Abdul Ali Mustaghni High School in Kabul.

   In year 1997 he was admitted at Natural Science Faculty of Kabul University and he graduated from Computer Science department of this faculty in year 2000. He applied for Master degree at the University of Western Cape (UWC) in Cape Town, South Africa. He has successfully completed his Master degree in 2010.

  He promoted to chairman of Information Technology Department at the Computer Science Department in 2010.

He Promoted to Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs in May, 2012.  

 Professor Hedayati has published many articles and dissertation in his field in local and international journals, and has taken part in many local and international conferences and seminars. Moreover he has helped Computer Science Faculty in curriculum developing, and in authoring, editing and translation of several articles. He was the main person of Afghanistan Virtual Science Library developing team.   

  Professor Hedayati can speak Dari, Pashto, and is also fluent in English language.