Vice Presidency of Administrative

Vice chancellors of administrative affairs is going to be selected according to regulation state of the university from the highly ranked professors with the approval of the competent authorities.

Vice chancellor of the administrative affairs that fulfills all administrative affairs, financial and accounting.

Job Details:


  1. Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly working plans based on achieved and predefined aims.
  2. Leadership and management of personnel to achieve planed aims.
  3. Prepare financial and administrative policies to increase level of effectiveness of work.
  4. Organize and supervise administrative and financial duties of University including planning and maintenance of calculation control and administrative affairs.
  5. Prepare budget and supervise its application with the help of related departments for better arrangement of normal and development expenses.
  6. Finding solutions to the problems with normal and developmental budget at the middle of year.
  7. Supervise application of budget based on dominant rules and laws for accurate accountability.
  8. Supervision of executive affairs of related departments for speeding up executions.
  9. Supervision and control of Transport System, Information Technology, Vehicle Repair Services, Human resource, Publications, protection and maintenance for offering better services in Kabul University.
  10. Supervision and control of short listed candidate and specified committees of Human resources for employment of eligible people.
  11. Supervision and control of cleanness of departments and giving guidance related to discovery of faults for maintaining cleanness.
  12. Prepare and design needed policies to develop Database system of finance and administration deputation of Kabul University.
  13. Offering advices and needed information related to financial and administrative affairs to chairman of University.
  14. Cooperation with faculties and other department of Kabul University for simplification and solidarity of their administrative executions.
  15. Acceptance of financial documents and executions within his competency area and financial ability of University.
  16. Control and evaluation of related personnel for further taking decisions to increase and improve of their work.