Chancellor of the Kabul University

Chancellor of Kabul University has been elected among academic professors and scholars. The responsibilities of a chancellor are to achieve the academic goals and to administrate the overall educational system of the university. Moreover, a chancellor needs to provide the education and investigation facilities for the teachers and students. In addition, designing and implementing strategic plans for the different academic purposes of a university is the responsibility of a chancellor. However, a chancellor is responsible to ensure order and discipline in the university, to provide facilities for teachers and students, and to choose qualified academic cadre. Finally, one of the main responsibilities of the chancellor is to maintain and improve educational level of the university.


Job Descriptions:


  1. Preparing and arranging monthly, quarterly and annual working plans to achieve strategic goals of the University.
  2. Leadership and management of the employees to achieve and develop pre plan action.
  3. Designing research, scientific, cultural and educational policies and control it’s application to increase learning capacity of students and teachers.
  4. Supervision and control of teaching methods, application of plans and other teaching, scientific and cultural programs of lecturers’ based on structural plan of Kabul University.
  5. Leadership of University’s academic meetings and observation of their decision.
  6. Leadership of financial and administration affairs of University based on structural plan of Kabul University.
  7. Preparing outlines to bring order and discipline for well academic activities.
  8. Planning and bringing facilities for improvement of education status, text books and lecture notes for students.
  9. Acceptance or rejection of approvals of academic board of departments and incase of needs discussing that in the Universities’ academic board. 
  10. Supervision and control of departments regarding admission, promotions, retirement and redemption of academic cadres and employees based on rules.
  11.  Supervision and control of admission exams to select eligible and qualified new comers to Kabul University.
  12. Keep, develop and attract cooperation of national and international institutes to create and develop modern teaching, research and learning systems in Kabul University.
  13. Supervision and evaluation of operation quality of employees and other sections, for effectiveness and usefulness of working programs in related departments.