Biography of Professor Dipl. Eng. Raihana Popalzai Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs of Kabul University - Kabul University

Biography of Professor Dipl. Eng. Raihana Popalzai Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs of Kabul University



Prof. Dipl. Eng. Raihana Popalzai daughter of Alhaj Qari Abdul Qadir Khan finished her primary school in Mahjooba Herawi and her secondary and high schools in Ariana High School in the year 1358. In 1362, she finished her bachelor degree in Industrial Chemistry in the Chemistry department of Kabul University. Since 1362 until now she is a lecturer in Kabul University. From 1382 – 1385, she worked as General Head of Main library of Kabul University. From 1381 to 1392, she was head of women’s association in Kabul University and from 1385 – 1391 she was the head of publication office of Kabul University. In the year 1392, she was selected as the educational vice chancellor of Kabul University.

She had academic and work-related trips both inside and outside the country. Visiting Herat and Mazar Universities, two trips to America, three times to Germany, United Kingdom, Cambodia, two trips to India and two trips to Iran and Pakistan are from those trips.

Prof. Dipl. Eng. R. "Popalzai" can speak Dari, Pashto, English and Urdu Completely. From her proud achievements during her work was her selection as representative member of lecturers in Kabul University in the first Loye Girga after Taliban, and got an honorary medal from the president, member of loya jirga for the occasion of signing a strategic strategy, first degree honorary certificate by Vice President Shahrani, honorary certificate from the Ministry of Women, honorary letters from the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, thank you letter from Queen of Cambodia, and many other appreciations by the ministry of women’s affairs and embassy of Turkey and many other such achievements. She has got certificates from the University of Delhi, India, and from the international course of Santa Clara (America). Other responsibilities of her include being a member of educational union in Kabul University, educational union of the faculty of Science, organizing the board for publishing scientific books, member of administrative reform committee in Kabul University, and other academic and administrative committees.

Prof. Dipl. Eng. Raihana Popalzai has written five books in the field of chemistry, and more than fifteen educational articles and more than fifteen social and cultural articles of her are published in different social and educational magazines.