Vice Presidency of Academic

Vice chancellor of Academic affairs is going to be selected according to regulation state of the university from the highly ranked professors with the approval of the competent authorities.

Vice chancellor of academic affairs that fulfills all educational activities, educational and research affairs of the university.

Job Details:

  1. Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually working plans based on achieved and predefined aims.
  2. Leadership and management of personnel to achieve planed aims.
  3. Design educational, learning and research policies for teachers to standardize affairs in University.
  4. Supervision of application of rules, laws, acts and regulations for achievement of academic affairs’ aims.
  5. Guidance and supervision of teaching plans and programs of faculties and institutes of University.
  6. Guidance and supervision of affairs regarding admission, redemption, development and promotion of teachers.
  7. Supervision and control of publishing books to faculties and central library of university for effective usage of students according to international standards.
  8. Design and prepare policies for Masters Programs to increase and develop education level.
  9. Accomplishment of affairs related to academic protocols with national and international institutes.
  10. Regular monitor of theoretical and scientific lessons of lecturers for better application of teaching plans in faculties.
  11. Guidance and supervision of scientific conferences purposed to promotion of lecturers.
  12. Chairmanship of scientific council in the absence of University Chairman.
  13. Control and evaluation of personnel for future promotion decisions.