A view of publication building

Publication department of Kabul University was established on 1339. By developing of Kabul University other sections, this department also developed and  currently it is responsible to print and publish textbooks, lecture notes and other teaching material and aids, as well as exam papers, some kinds of ID cards and other publications needs.

Publication department is consisting of general printing office, general directorship of scientific magazine and directorship of audio-visual activities.


To become a well known publication center at Kabul University and country level.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To provide best printing services for central offices and faculties of Kabul university.
  2. To collect the articles and textbooks and prepare them for evaluation and publication committees.
  3. To print scientific and research articles in scientific magazine after passing from evaluation committee.
  4. To print text books after passing from publication committee and lecture notes, various type of card and other printable papers.
  5. To held seminars and workshops in auditorium hall or in publication department hall.
  6. Distributing of magazine to the Kabul university faculties and other institutions.
  7. Working on long-term extension programs at Kabul university publication house to develop a modern and well equipped publication house.


  1. Promoting and strengthen of standard printing and publication services.
  2. Offering of best publication services, organization of technical instructions to employees and workers of printing and publication department.

General printing office:

This office was established in 1339. It is responsible to print and publish the text books, teaching material and other publication needs as well as printing of exam papers and various ID cards for students, employees, library, and cards for vehicles.


In the resent year this center has been equipped by Embassy of Islamic republic of Iran.