Faiz Ur Rahman Ishaqzai

Faiz Ur Rahman Ishaqzai

Education Level: Ph.D continues                                                                                                                      

Academic Position: Pohanyar (Assistant Prof.)

Department: Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Date of Birth: 1985

Place of Birth: Kabul

Appointment Date: 2014

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teaching of “Atomic Physics” and “Numerical Computational Techniques” to B.Sc. students of Physics
  • Research and supervising monographs
  • Head of the Nuclear Physics lab
  • Member of the academic council and Research, Discipline, Cultural and Curriculum committees of Physics Faculty.
  • Member of the Kabul University Research Board
  • Member of the Cultural council of Kabul University
  • Member of the “Professors Academic Promotion Committee” of Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Counterpart for IAEA TC Projects
  • Formal candidate of Doctoral degree (continues) in Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey.

Research Papers an Articles:

  • Analysis of the relation between the energy of gamma rays and efficiency of NaI(Tl) detector
  • HPGe detector Photopeak efficiency and resolution in 270-1330 KeV Energy range of gamma photons
  • Photopeak Efficiency Measurement of NaI (Tl) & HPGe Detectors Using Different Radioactive Sources
  • Kinetic Treatment of Dust Acoustic Waves in Four Components Dusty Plasma with Kappa Distributed Electrons and Ions
  • Effect of Local Parameters of Afghanistan on the Proposed Design of Nuclear Power Reactor

Cell: 93781821223+، 93744068527+،  905523218432+

Email:  sakzai1985@ku.edu.af