Dawod Mirzaee

Name: Dawod

Surname:  Mirzaee

Date of Birth:  1980

Place of Birth: Bamyan

Education degree: Nuclear Physics PhD

Academic rank: Assistant Professor

Year of inclusion in professorship: 2017

Academic responsibilities in university: Academic member of Nuclear Physics department

Phone:+93 72944 10 80

E-Mail: Dmirzai59@yahoo.com

Published Scientific Articles and Ready to publish scientific works:

  • 15 Paper(Journal ISI, Conference)

Brief Synopsis of Research:

-  Shielding for Gamma-rays and Study Buildup Factor Gamma-rays in Water…(Yazd

Conference, Paper).

-  Study of Plasma Focus an Applications that in Industry (Conference, Paper).

-  Calculation of Multilayered Gamma-ray Exposure Buildup Factors up to 10mfp by

MCNP Code (Conference paper).

 - Radiation Therapy Conference (Mashhad, Iran 2014)

-  Study of Monte Carlo and Application that in Neutron Transport (Conference, Paper).

-  Study of Neutron and Proton Drip Lines (Nuclear Physics Conference, Paper).

- Using Lithium-6 Filter for Study of Dose Distribution with Maximum and Minimum Displacement of Prostate inside the Body in BNCT Method (Indian Journal of Physics, Paper)

- Study and Calculation of the Depth-dose to treat Prostate Cancer by the BNCT Method using the Epithermal Neutron Spectrum of the MIT and BMRR Reactors (ICMP2013 London conference, Paper)

-  Calculation and Study about Tokamak(ionisation gas for production height enegy, Conference Paper)

-  Study Neural network in nuclear physics application (Seminar, Italy)

-  Study about Charge particle therapy (Proton, Carbon and Alpha particle, Mashhad Conference)

-  Full proficiency Monte carlo Simulation Cods MCNP, Geant4, SRIM

- Depth dose evaluation for prostate cancer treatment using boron neutron capture therapy (Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, December 2014)

-Comparison of prostate cancer radiotherapy using BNCT method in references phantoms (Iranian Conference, Paper, 2015)

- ICNCT-Presentation at the 17th Biennial International Conference on Neutron Capture Therapy (University of Missouri International Institute of Nano Molecular Medicine, 2016)