Current situation


  • Faculty of physics currently has 15 teachers, this faculty has 375 students which includes 267 boys and 108 girls.
  • From physical aspect physics faculty has 4 class room, 8 office rooms for teachers, 1 large room in which 5 laboratories and one workshop have been arranged, one library, which has 2500 volume books in physics field. Library of physics faculty is in the very bad satuation.
  • Stratigic plan of physics faculty

By establishing science faculty in the year of 1321, department of physics also established in order to graduate specialists and teachers of physics for secondary schools and in this area this department has played its part very well. Now that 74 years has passed from that time, need for physics specialist in different addministration of Afghanistan’s ministries day by day increases, so in order to fulfill the need for physics specialist, faculty of physics was establihed in the year 1395, and by introducing its dean faculty of physics began its activety in july 2016 which has three independent departments. If Ministry of higher education pay attention to in equip research laboratories and other teaching instruments and to recruite new teachers in the level of phd, we have taken this into our consideration to establish masters degree program in physics faculty in order to graduate physics specialist in the level of masters.

We want to change physics faculty to a revenue source. As our faculty has the capacity to determine minerals and radioactive substances with cooperation with ministry of petroluim and minerals, analyzing of minerals and valuable stones in laboratories of customs pf ministry of finance and in the area of analyzing of comercial objects acording to their density.

Teachers of our faculty continously evaluating standards and in order to apply them, they have been striving as much as possible to be able to strenghthen the vertical and horzintal relation, and also preparing of elements and course policy of different subjects in the faculty, using of instruments in process of teaching, preparing and equipment of laboratories, strugling and striving to standardized and inreach Library of faculty from both academic and physical aspects, our more attention is toward publishing text books and lecture notes of teachers in order to solve students problem regarding to the shortage of text books and to improve teaching method.

Physics faculty curently has a technical assistant that she can’t acomplish tasks of overall five laboratories, so we have been negotiating with the humman resource of Kabul university to get atleast three or four technical assistance to recruit deserving and talented people.

Physics faculty has taken into consideration to establish atomic physics, thermodynamic laboratories, and establishing of computer lab and construction of new building for physics faculty is also part of physics faculty strategy plan.