Biography of Prof. Khaliqdad Ferozkohi Dean of Faculty


Professor Khaliqdad Ferozkohi was born in the Tasraqi Olia village, related to the city of Ferozkoh, center of Ghoor Province in 1338. He started school in 1346 in Badgah Middle School, high school in 1355 in Sultan Alawudin Ghory High School, and Faculty of Science in 1359 in Kabul University. He graduated with high grade in 1362.

Firozkohi started his career as a lecturer in department of mathematics of Kabul University in1363. Also, in year 1367 began master degree and completed in 1367 in Kabul University. He is still a lecturer and dean of Mathematics Faculty.

Professor Firozkohi has more than 30 books in mathematics. Among them 25 of his books have been published. Moreover, many of his books have been interpreted and published in Pashto Language.

Firozkohi is doing as a guide in many academic activities and writing of scientific books of lectuerers of Kabul University and Teacher Training Colleges.

Firozkohi has cooperated actively in writing of school math’s books of seventh grade up to twelveth grade.

He is great in Dari, Pashto, and English languages, and he has traveled to Pakistan, German, and Saudi Arabia for vacation, pilgrimage, and educational tour.