General Goals

Main objectives of the establishment of the faculty is training and educating professionals in the field of environment science, natural resources and disaster management. They have couple of tasks to consider, such as environmental protection, disaster management, and managing natural resources use including capacity building, information and public awareness about the environmental problems and natural disaster risk reduction. The professional graduates from this faculty are responsible to overcome the existing and expected future environment problems of the nation and convince everyone of the society as environmental protectors with their contribution and cooperation control and end the environmental catastrophe. Environmental and natural resources degradations should immediately be stopped and reclamation measure should be taken place. The principle of stainable development should be taken into account, never person or generation has the right to undergo wellbeing and benefit of the future generation. The natural resources and environment belong to the future of generation, definitely destruction of the environment and natural resources are overstep the benefit and needs of the future generation.

Educational Objectives

The faculty of environment science trains professionals for the society who undertake management and regulate environmental issues, natural resources and natural hazards. Environmental degradation and natural hazards should be mitigated and finally should be stopped. Natural resources should be managed and they should step in its reclamation. To reach this goal, the following skills and behavior are considered for the graduates students:   

·         Basic science and fundamental of environment science, natural resources and disaster management.

·         Computer skills and English language is important tools in this field.

·         The students will learn fundamentals and advance knowledge of environment science, natural resources, and natural hazards.

·         The students will be B.Sc. level professional in water resources, mining and mineral resources and management; disaster risk reduction and management; environmental management; air and water pollution; renewable energy and green solution.

·         The student with B.Sc. education in environmental discipline will be familiar with national and international law, policy and treaties of environmental conservation and protection as will natural resources. International regulation about environmental protection, global warming and disaster risk reduction.

·         The B.Sc. students of environment science faculty will be able to perform Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and will be familiar with climate change adaptation.

·         They will learn more about natural resources, biodiversity conservation, prevention and reclamation of degraded rangelands, wildlife, forest, surface water groundwater.

·         The B.Sc. student will be familiar with natural and men made disasters management, such as drought, floods, avalanche, civil strives and its policies.

·         They will be familiar with basic use of several related software and basic GIS and remote sensing education. They will use this skill in managing of environment related issues, natural resources, natural disaster and hazards. And they will learn statistics and technical report writing. 

·         They will learn about environmental and economic value of natural resources.

·         They also will learn about disaster risk reduction and mitigation technology and local participation and encouragement in disaster risk reduction.